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Continuing Education in New England. It’s awesome!

Massage therapists often work alone, and it’s easy in the day-to-day hustle to forget about the importance of community. Community is where you discover new perspectives, hash out your ethical dilemmas, unearth new business opportunities, and get that much-needed massage. Understandably, the quality of your community can have a profound impact on your massage therapyContinue Reading

A New & Improved Deep Tissue Cream

It can be tough to find the ideal lubricant for deep tissue massage. Oils and lotions that work wonderfully for warming up a larger area often feel too slippery when you are ready to go in deep. And many creams “designed” for deep tissue feel too greasy or sticky for an entire massage. You wantContinue Reading

Tangerine Dream

Spring is here, and it’s time to break out the warm-weather essentials for your practice: lightweight sheets, extra water, and fresh new scents! A sweet, fruity essential oil can do wonders to remind your clients that summer days are just around the corner. Tangerine Essential Oil Have you tried Tangerine essential oil before? Tangerine isContinue Reading