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4 ways to add Rosemary into your treatments

Ward off Cold & Flu Germs! Stay Healthy! (and get 10% off these essential oils through next week!) ‘Tis the season for those bugs to be multiplying and making us feel oh, so sick. Did you know there are some essential oils that are natural born germ fighters? Here are a few of my absolute faves,Continue Reading

Caring for your skin

What’s the one tool a massage therapist uses most? The instinctive answer would be “the hands,” and this makes sense. In school we learn to massage with the hands first, and only later move on to forearms, tools, and possibly feet. There are workshops, books, and DVDs about how to take care of your hands.Continue Reading

Massage Products for Clients with Acne

Acne vulgaris (generally just referred to as acne) is a very common skin condition, usually affecting the face, chest, and back. While acne is best known for afflicting teenagers, it can be present in people of all ages, especially those who have been experiencing hormonal changes. Since acne is so widespread, it’s important to knowContinue Reading

Peripheral Neuropathy, Massage, and Arnica

Can your products help someone with Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy? Yes!! Arnica is helpful for all types of peripheral neuropathy because it works with the body’s own healing mechanisms to stimulate circulation to the area. I have had very good success with topical applications for chemotherapy induced Peripheral Neuropathy because the arnica combined with the actionContinue Reading

Hurry up and wait

We’ve been following the journey of our friend Michael, who traveled to Illinois to assist in the rebuilding after the tornadoes in February. You can read parts one and two of the story to catch up if you like! The following is a guest post from Michael, originally posted on his blog here. I came toContinue Reading

The Deep Massage Book: How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork

This post was originally published by our friend Allissa here. I am enchanted. I am inspired. I am in love with this book. David sent me his book at the perfect time. I’ve been a little stagnant and stuck. Not quite bored, but not quite as excited about hands-on work as I like to be.Continue Reading

Which cream is for me?

I love massage cream and both the Ralph Stephens Medical Massage Cream and the Deep Tissue Massage Cream look great. What’s the difference between them? How do I choose which massage cream is best for me? This is a good question, and the answer depends on your personal preferences, your clients, and on the typeContinue Reading

Dianna and The Massage Nerd

Dianna was a guest on the Massage Nerd show in May. She and Ryan Hoyme had a great (and informative) time talking about the ingredients in massage products, why they matter and what YOU, a practicing massage therapist, NEED to know. Check out the video here.Continue Reading

Continuing Education in New England. It’s awesome!

Massage therapists often work alone, and it’s easy in the day-to-day hustle to forget about the importance of community. Community is where you discover new perspectives, hash out your ethical dilemmas, unearth new business opportunities, and get that much-needed massage. Understandably, the quality of your community can have a profound impact on your massage therapyContinue Reading

A New & Improved Deep Tissue Cream

It can be tough to find the ideal lubricant for deep tissue massage. Oils and lotions that work wonderfully for warming up a larger area often feel too slippery when you are ready to go in deep. And many creams “designed” for deep tissue feel too greasy or sticky for an entire massage. You wantContinue Reading