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Keep your cool this summer with Peppermint Pedango

Summer is here! When the seasons change, so do your clients’ needs. It can sometimes be frustrating trying to figure out what essential products to have in your toolbox to help with a broad range of client issues. The last thing you want is to be overrun with bottles for every month of the year.Continue Reading

Summer Sports Massage. Are you ready?

Armed with the right knowledge, the right products, and a great attitude, you could be just the massage therapist to give clients exactly what they need.Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Try the Side-Lying Position

Not every client is comfortable lying prone, or even supine. Pregnant clients come time mind first, of course. But there are any number of reasons why side-lying might be preferable. Back problems are one. Recent surgery. I have a number of female clients with large and/or sensitive breasts who simply cannot lie comfortably in theContinue Reading

The abs have it.

So what to do? It’s time to get comfortable with abdominal massage. Whether working supine or in a side-lying position, abdominal massage gives you access to muscles that can’t be reached any other way. It also gives you a new way to reach some of those muscles that are usually only worked from one angle. Understanding abdominal massage means you have a key to pain relief and postural improvement that most massage therapists simply do not have.Continue Reading

We’re bringing Ralph Stephens to Massachusetts!

Focused, muscle-specific massage therapy can be highly effective, but it can also be hard on the therapist’s body. If you’ve been hurting yourself trying to get results for your clients, or shying away from doing deeper therapeutic work in an effort to prolong your career, it’s time to stop. Get the training you need toContinue Reading

Choosing Products for Oncology Massage

Finding the right oil, lotion, or cream is often a matter of personal preference. Do you like more grip, or more glide? Do your clients like a mildly scented or unscented product? Will you be using stones or other special tools that may work better with a certain lubricant? But when your client has cancer,Continue Reading

Keep on learning with the Pure Pro YouTube channel

Being a massage therapist requires constant learning, which is why Pure Pro has put a wide variety of instructional videos on our YouTube channel to help you become the best therapist you can be. Whether you’d like to know more about pregnancy massage, treating whiplash, or how to treat carpal tunnel syndrome when you don’tContinue Reading

4 ways to add Rosemary into your treatments

Ward off Cold & Flu Germs! Stay Healthy! (and get 10% off these essential oils through next week!) ‘Tis the season for those bugs to be multiplying and making us feel oh, so sick. Did you know there are some essential oils that are natural born germ fighters? Here are a few of my absolute faves,Continue Reading

Massage Products for Clients with Acne

Acne vulgaris (generally just referred to as acne) is a very common skin condition, usually affecting the face, chest, and back. While acne is best known for afflicting teenagers, it can be present in people of all ages, especially those who have been experiencing hormonal changes. Since acne is so widespread, it’s important to knowContinue Reading

Peripheral Neuropathy, Massage, and Arnica

Can your products help someone with Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy? Yes!! Arnica is helpful for all types of peripheral neuropathy because it works with the body’s own healing mechanisms to stimulate circulation to the area. I have had very good success with topical applications for chemotherapy induced Peripheral Neuropathy because the arnica combined with the actionContinue Reading