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Hurry up and wait

We’ve been following the journey of our friend Michael, who traveled to Illinois to assist in the rebuilding after the tornadoes in February. You can read parts one and two of the story to catch up if you like! The following is a guest post from Michael, originally posted on his blog here. I came toContinue Reading

The Deep Massage Book: How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork

This post was originally published by our friend Allissa here. I am enchanted. I am inspired. I am in love with this book. David sent me his book at the perfect time. I’ve been a little stagnant and stuck. Not quite bored, but not quite as excited about hands-on work as I like to be.Continue Reading

Volunteering vs. Care-taking

It was beautiful to hear Michael’s buoyant but somewhat weary voice recently. All the tree and cleanup work he has done over the past couple of weeks got him to call asking for our Arnica oil and lotion. We’re fortunate to support his taking care of himself by sending out our ‘magical bottles of painContinue Reading

Michael’s Journey- part 2

(you can read part 1 here) Michael is in Harrisburg, IL! He’s found a place to stay and plenty of people he can help, and is. We got to chat with him about how it’s going – make time to watch the video below and be sure to follow his facebook page, the updates areContinue Reading

Michael’s Journey, part 1

Our friend Michael has begun on a journey. He’s a massage therapist, a drummer, a builder of uber-environmentally friendly structures, an energy worker and he’s got a super-cool head of hair too. Michael has felt the call to go work and build and assist the areas in the midwest hardest hit by the tornadoes lastContinue Reading

Drop your restrictions

“Water flows from the mountain down toward the ocean. It is not anxious to get there, nor is it sorry when it’s just begun to flow. Just going through each step of the process, the drop of water has the joy of being a part of Existence in the form of a drop. This isContinue Reading

We are never enough

Sometimes we think we are not enough but we are never not enough… Seth Godin says it so eloquently below… Dancing faster then ever, but why? I just read a relentlessly snarky profile of the brilliant chef Charlie Trotter. Charlie is one of the pioneers of modern cooking, a gracious host and a perfectionist as well. The Times isContinue Reading


At the risk (or joy) of sounding sappy – I love that I get to work with the best therapists all day long. Folks call me to tell me about the amazing healing work they’re doing with cancer patients or failure to thrive babies or that really, super tense guy from down the hall. EachContinue Reading

Dream your best day

I came across the quote from Eckhart Tolle regarding the action of dreams in our lives. “When the soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it”. ~ Eckhart Tolle What does your soul want to dream? Ask someone dear to you this question, too.Continue Reading

Acts of Peace

The only answer to wretched violence? Commit an act of peace. We do this when we touch clients every day. When we tell muscles it is alright to stop amoring. When we tell their lungs to breathe, just breathe. Let the life force in and push farther to help and to heal. Stop the noise.Continue Reading