Michael’s Journey- part 2

(you can read part 1 here)

Michael is in Harrisburg, IL! He’s found a place to stay and plenty of people he can help, and is.

We got to chat with him about how it’s going – make time to watch the video below and be sure to follow his facebook page, the updates are A-MAZE-ING. Check this one out:


Much of what I do in any given day is listen to the victims in the wake of the tornado. Its important work. Many home owners recovering from the disaster can have up to 20 volunteers or more from any given organization remove debris, replace a roof, and do other great deeds. But spending time listening to the stories and requests of the victim is valuable and well appreciated.

As an independent agent, I take some time to get to know these folks and be present when they have their feelings, as they express their depression, sadness, and heartache. I’ll admit, so far its mostly older women who are able to share, but its not easy. One woman, lets call her Susan, belittled herself as tears began to flow, “Sorry, I’m being a big baby”. “Its perfectly OK for you to have your feelings” I say. I ask if I can put my hand on her shoulder, she nods.

Then it happens.

More stories flow, more pain, a greater release. I learn in that moment, for many, the tornado becomes an opportunity to being share, express, and release deeply stored and painful memories of childhood/ early adulthood abuses- crimes of rape, verbal/ physical abuse, betrayal, even murder. I have no idea how long Susan has sat on this burial ground of memories and said nothing.

Being a witness to such accounts and holding a loving space is a sacred, heartbreaking, and a healing experience, all at the same time.

Eventually the topic switches back to the tasks at hand: cleaning out the old and destroyed and preparing for the new. I tell jokes, be silly, smiles and laughter soon emerge. “You really made my day” says Susan as she wipes a tear from her face and we say our goodbyes. I get back into my little Corolla, thank Spirit and my Guides for the opportunity to hold a space like that, and drive off to the next destroyed home that I feel drawn to assist.

When I review the day in my cot that night I express gratitude for all the tools, people, and experiences that have lead to my emotional and spiritual growth over the years, all of which enabled me to be of service in a deep way.”

It’s an honor to share Michael’s journey. We hope you join us in supporting his efforts with a donation, and following his story here and on Facebook.


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